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Join us in sharing the marvelous opportunity that we have as an educational community to develop better men and women in our internationally accredited Montessori Early Learning Center. Students discover and develop skills and values, such as communication with others, love for nature, and respect for their country, all in a meaningful environment that meets their needs and interests. Montessori children are extremely adaptable, lifelong learners, who have the ability to solve problems and make decisions.  Children develop independence and responsibility from an early age.

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What sets Golden Valley Primary apart from other schools?

At Golden Valley School, we are proud to offer quality educational services. Our commitment is to put forth our best in everything we do: in our beautiful and spacious campus, in our excellent programs, and in our daily service to the families with whom we work.

In this way, we ensure our students are receiving excellence in education.

Golden Valley Primary School offers its students a trilingual education in an international curriculum framework that focuses on the development of the whole child and his/her sense of inquiry and discovery, promoting the development of divergent thinking, both within the class and in the world that surrounds him/her. In this manner, boys and girls become better men and women who will be able to face the challenges of the future, simultaneously fortifying their spirituality and values.

The school offers children a safe, supportive environment of socialization and supervision, all the while learning practical life skills.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

~Nelson Mandela


Our priority:

Attend to the academic, social and emotional well being of our students.

Encourage students to develop their independence and assume responsibility for their own learning.

Support students’ efforts to understand the world and learn to interact within it.

Help students to establish personal values that will constitute the base from which they will develop and prosper.

Ensure our students also preserve their own language, culture and traditions.

Other advantages:

Updated, age-appropriate developmental programs

Age-appropriate activities and materials

Teachers’ professional development

Respect for the value of each student as an individual

Environmental protection and ecological awareness

Consistent, effective communication with parents

Safety in the classes and during recess

Clean, safe campus


Students at this age are in a transition between childhood and young adulthood. Their view of the world begins to expand.  Their sense of time no longer confines them to the present, but now gives them an awareness of the past and the future. Young people develop curiosity about a wide range of subjects.  They learn to work with others, to organize their knowledge of the world around them, to become more independent, and to assume responsibility for their own decisions. For these reasons, they need an educational program that will enable them to grow in many ways.



High school students take courses toward graduation with dual national and international curriculum requirements.  This involves study of three languages (English, Spanish, and German), Costa Rican civics and social studies, advanced level mathematics courses, biology, chemistry, physics, as well as courses in the arts, such as studio art and music.